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The opening of Øver stua 13th of August Owner - and related matters from 1790

Knut Berg Møller has collected information on ownership and related matters at Øverstua. This is collected in the material which he has given Vegaøyans Friends.

By: Bjørn H. Andersen, Sunday 7th of August 2011 10:03 AM,
Last updated: Sunday 7th of August 2011 08:52 PM

We want our members to update themselves on the house's history in connection with the opening day. Knut Berg Møller is married to Karin Møller who had his family on Øverstua. The couple lives in Trondheim and will as many other descendants attend the opening on Saturday 13th of August. Opening day will also serve as a family gathering, when the descendants of Øverstua come from all over the country to celebrate with us. We also welcome six American descendants who also made ​​the trip across the Atlantic. It is very pleasing that so many will join the opening celebrations. There is still time to register, the deadline is set at 9th of August.

Call to tell about participation and any need for the boat to Inger P. Toppen, mob.+47 91805971


Powerpoint presentation from Knut Berg Møller (In norwegian)(requires PowerPoint)

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